In 1993 an interesting study about Friday the 13th was published in the British Medical Journal. Its authors investigated if this mystical date is really dangerous. They compared the ratio of traffic volume to the number of vehicular accidents on two different days throughout several years. What was the conclusion of the study?

The fear of the fatal date is called this.

Chinese people believe that 13 is a lucky number.

There are countless theories about the origins of fear of number 13. One says that the phobia comes from Norse mythology. According to a legend, the 13th god, the god of mischief, turned up at a gathering of the 12 Viking gods and caused the death of Balder the Good. What was the god of mischief called?

People fear Friday for many reasons. For example, Jesus Christ was crucified on Friday, the Great Flood began on Friday and Adam and Eve were banned from the Garden of Eden on Friday. Do you know what type of day Friday was in the pagan Roman empire?

Most estate agents find it difficult to sell a house, numbered thirteen.

The bad name of both Friday and number 13 can be explained by many historical and religious facts. However, the reason why they are linked together to form this powerful superstition, can't be explained so easily. According to one theory, the ill-fame of Friday 13th dates back to 13 October 1307, when King Philip IV of France arrested most of the knights of one famous Order. What was the name of the Order?

Female drivers have more traffic accidents on Friday the 13th.

Having in mind the mysterious background of "Black Friday", it is quite natural that the TV series "Friday the 13th" were so popular. The main character, Jason, is one of the biggest celebrities in the world of horror movies. What is Jason's family name?

Over any given 400-year cycle the 13th day of the month occurs 4800 times. The 13th most often falls on this day of the week.